Vendor of the Month

Vendor of the Month: Imagine Photography


Dan Christian is the creative mind behind Imagine Photography and our vendor of the month. Dan is a native of Manhattan, Kansas. He moved from Kansas to Southwest Virginia in 2010 with his wife Susan.  Dan has been a photographer for many years and first started when his roommate was starting his photography. Dan said. “I really focused in 2002, the year before I married my wife Susan”. Before photography he was into drawing and sketching.

When asked what about photography he enjoyed, Dan said, “I usually get a picture in my head and part of my drive is the challenge of making that into a photograph and the challenge it takes to bring it together in a photograph.” When asked why most of his works are landscapes or outdoor scenes Dan said, “It all comes back to the challenge of bringing things together. Wondering the roads to find different things and the perfect lighting which sometimes means I have to go back to the same spot to get the right lighting. The best photos are not taken in the middle of the day. I like mixing things in as well, like water. Water gives life to a picture and how you shoot it is very important. You must learn how to take the shot to make it look real and as if it is flowing. This takes time, sometimes years to perfect.”

“I used to be into taking photos of fireworks, which is another challenge. With fireworks it’s all about timing and getting the correct exposure to allow you get that exact moment of the burst and all its glory.”

Dan has taken photographs from all over the country but he told us about some of his favorites. “Yellow Stone National Park, I have a large photo on the wall at FisherFinds that is of the lower falls in the park.” He has also taken photos of the Teton Range of the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming a part of the Grand Teton National Park.  Dan Said. “I want to go back to Grand Teton, I ‘ve told my wife a few times that we have to plan a trip there soon. I also love the Smoky Mountains and Cades Cove in the Pigeon Forge, Tennessee area.  Locally I am always looking to take photographs on the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Cascades and other unique spots in the New River Valley.”

It is clear Dan takes his photography very seriously and spends a lot of time perfecting his work.  When asked how many photos he takes when he travels or is out looking for shots he said, “Oh wow, sometimes two to three hundred photos and not like a single one of them. I would say it takes around five to six hundred photos before I find that one that I really like. Now, there are others that I may have grouped together from that five or six hundred; out of that there is one that becomes a favorite.  The digital age of photography really helps me sort through the pile and save money on the cost of prints. I can quickly look through photos and delete the one I don’t want to waste further time on.”

We are thrilled to have Imagine Photography in our shop and this is a wonderful experience for Dan as well. He has never had his photography in a store which means that shoppers get to purchase these brilliant pieces that no one else has.  We asked Dan where the name of his company came from and his response was, “I didn’t want to limit myself by name and only have a segment of photographs. Whatever I am interested in inspires me to take photos. So, there is no limit to my company name.”

To see Image Photography’s space and work please visit FisherFinds Monday- Saturday from 10:00am to 5:00 pm.


2496 Wysor Road (RT100) Exit 89 to Hillsville, off of I-81
Draper, VA 24324