Our Team

Leigh Ann Meek

Leigh Ann Meek is our newest employee. She started working at FisherFinds last week and has been a wonderful addition to our team. Leigh Ann is a native of Draper and Pulaski County. She is currently attending New River Community College obtaining her Associates Degree in Business Management and Administration. When asked about what she likes about working for FisherFinds and what attracted her to the job, she said, “I enjoy talking with the customers. This is not your typical retail store and the items are very different than off the shelf stuff.”

Leigh Ann said she has found a few items in the store that she really likes and believes to be very interesting pieces. The items she likes the most were narrowed down to two. A Blue Ford pickup truck that was made from a wagon bottom and molded by a local vendor. The second item was a print of a farm scene that hangs over a doorway. This print is a good pick because it has a frame made of a unique material. The frame is made of tobacco stakes. The connection here is the owners of the store have a bit of a love for them. If you notice the sign on the building, it is also framed in tobacco sticks with one stick underlining the “Artisans, Antiques and Collectables” part of the sign.

We also asked Leigh Ann her thoughts on some of the ideas the store is planning such as being active in the community with our events and community outreach. “I like that and it will help reach customers and let them know we really do care about the community we are in.” Leigh Ann is very active in her own way with her church’s youth group and even volunteers her time in the community by picking up litter.

We also asked Leigh Ann what she thinks others her age would think of the store. Leigh Ann said. “I think it’s a new thing. I have friends that do go antiquing and I’ve been going to more stores myself. This store includes crafts and more than the old stuff people think when you say antiques.”  So, when asked what items she thinks would attract her friends and others her age? She said. “ Definitely, the Dixie Belle paint and the photography. I even had a friend of mine stop in to the store and she really liked the primitive items in the store.”


Blue Ford Truck


Farm Print