History In Antiquing And Why We Should Change The Image

The Treasure vs Old Stuff

When you look at an object that’s been around for many years what is the first thing you think of?  Wow, that’s a lot of dust, dirt and grit? Maybe, but how about this. How many times has this item been passed down through families, friends or just sold by someone and then another person and another.

How far has the item traveled? All over the world? Or, has it weathered through time, storms and ware laying in a box in a basement. Just to end up in your hands? Today just like many things we take for granted from our cell phone technology to movies with talking babies. We don’t take the time to stop and really think about some of the items we run across.

Fight the Image

Antique and collectible stores across this great nation all have one thing in common. They are all trying to show people how a single item carries an amazing history. Knowing the history of an item can sometimes help the buyer see the value in the object but it also allows them to realize what they can have. It is something remarkable to hold the same pair of glasses that a writer had in 1902 or sit in a chair that was the thinking spot of an inventor of in 1864. Every piece most likely has a rich history that would surprise most buyers and bring excitement to the dealer. Yes, Dealers do work to feed their families but ninety nine percent of dealers do what they do because they are passionate about the treasures they find and keen on the fact they can share them with others.

Some of their happiest moments are when a said dealers meets a buyer who is equally enthusiastic about the item they have and seeks to add the treasure and its history to their own collection.

What is Antique?

Now, let’s talk about that word we know so well in this business.  Antique.  Antique is a late 15 century word from Latin antiquusanticus ‘former, ancient,’ from ante ‘before. It refers to “a collectible object such as a piece of furniture or work of art that has a high value because of its considerable age.” (site google dictionary) This is not always what people imagine when they hear that word. Many people think of what we said before. An old, dusty, dirty, gritty object. Therefore, our youth today have skipped over items that predate 1960 and have focused on the mid-century items which is why they are hot sellers now days.

My favorite definition is from Dictionary.com, of or belonging to the past; not modern. This is a little less harsh frankly than “OLD”. I think it should be our goal as dealers and store owners to help many people consider changing their mental image of what an antique is and the buyers start seeing an antique as a fragment of history. A direct connection with the past that only an item from that time can bring you.

Find A Store

So, next time you step into a store full of century old items, collectibles or aged handcrafted objects. Think about what those items have been through, where they came from, what it took to make them and who helped bring that history to you. Oh, and next time you are driving through Virginia on Interstate I-81, go ahead and take exit 89A towards Hillsville and stop by FisherFinds 1.6 miles on the left. Come in side, say howdy and look around. You may find a “antique” item that brings history to life right before your eyes.

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